Hoop Houses

I built these two hoop houses to use as lumber drying and storage sheds. This bending form made making the hoops relatively quick. The structure’s made of electrometallic tube (EMT), which is inexpensive and corrosion resistant. One hoop house simply has tubing hammered into the ground, and EMT fitted over it; the second hoop house has a pressure treated bottom frame that each EMT hoop is attached to with self-tapping screws.

I stretched greenhouse plastic over each hoop house frame so that the houses would heat up somewhat to dry the lumber stored inside it. I also framed in both ends, adding vents and a door opening.

These are used to store about 10,000 board feet of quartersawn white oak, which I’ve been using to build furniture. See here for more details on the logs-to-lumber project!

Here’s a short video showing how each hoop was bent: