Freak Bike: Roll Bounce

My objective with this bicycle was take the idea of a suspension system on a bicycle too far — and then create the need for excessive suspension by offsetting each wheel’s hub by a centimeter. My friend Gideon helped me calculate the spoke lengths in order to hand build each wheel. I went to almost every local bike shop, buying single spokes of very specific lengths, and then built each wheel while carefully positioning each spoke in the right location in order to offset the hubs.

The excessive suspension systems consists of a full suspension frame, a front suspension on the fork, a suspension seatpost, a seat with shock absorbing springs, a suspension stem, and elastomer suspension handlebars. The overall sensation of riding this is that you’re rolling over random bumps in the road that occasionally sync into a larger bump while trying to control a frame made of gelatin. At high speeds, it’s a jarring, bouncy ride; at any distance over a mile or so motion sickness becomes a risk.

I topped this build off by mounting a flexitone to the handlebars instead of a bell. Unfortunately — at least for nearby cyclists — the flexitone often gets set off by the rolling, bumping undulation of the frame when the bicycle is moving.